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 sknayakDr. Susanta K. NayakChemistry Dept
 Assistant Professor
 Department of Chemistry
 Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology


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Susanta K. Nayak, M. Amela-Cortes, M. Neidhardt,
S. J. Beardsworth,J. Kirres, M. Mansueto,  S. Cordier,
S. Cordier and Y. Molard, Phosphorescent columnar
hybrid material containing polyionic
inorganic nanoclusters
, Chem. Commun. vol 52,
pp. 3127-3130, 2016

K. N. Venugopala, Susanta K Nayak, R. M Gleiser,
M. E Sanchez‐Borzone, D. A Garcia, B. Odhav,
Synthesis, polymorphism and insecticidal activity
of methyl 4‐(4‐chlorophenyl)‐8‐iodo‐2‐methyl‐6‐oxo‐1,
6‐dihydro‐4H‐pyrimido [2, 1‐b] quinazoline‐3‐
Acarboxylate against nopheles arabiensis mosquito
Chemical biology & drug design DOI: 10.1111/cbdd.12736, 2016

Susanta K. Nayak, M. Amela-Cortes, R. Claire,  S. Cordier
and Y. Molard, From metallic cluster-based ceramics to
nematichybrid liquid crystals: a double supramolecular approach,
Chem. Commun. vol 51, pp. 3774-3777, 2015


He obtained his Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Science(IISc),
Bangalore (2004-2010). He worked as postdoc fellow at
“Centre for Nano Science & Technology@Polimi,
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) and NFMLab-DCMIC
"Giulio Natta" Politecnico di Milano,Italy (2011-2012).
He is awarded with Marie Curie Research Fellow (IIF),
the prestigious international European Commission
Fellowship at University Rennes 1 during the period
2012-2014, France. Currently he is Asst. Professor in
Department of Chemistry, VNIT Nagpur, India since 2015
 & his research interes is focused on Crystal Engineering
and Liquid Crystals






Emailnksusa @ gmail.com;
sknayak @ chm.vnit.ac.in













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