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S-S-UmareDr. Suresh S. UmareChemistry Dept
Head and Professor
Department of Chemistry
 Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology


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Currently, He is Professor, at Department of Chemistry, National Institute of Technology, Nagpur.
 He obtained his Ph. D. (1996) in Chemistry, from Nagpur University, Nagpur in the area of
 conducting polymers. He worked at Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK under UK – India,
 REC bilateral project and postdoctoral fellow at IIT Kanpur. He is a fellow of Maharashtra Academy
 of Sciences Pune, and fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry Cambridge, UK. His research interests
 are nanostructured materials and heterogeneous catalysis for green chemical synthesis and
 environmental remediation. I have published over 60 papers in peer reviewed journals and teaching
 interests include Engineering Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Surface Chemistry and

 Emailssumare @ rediffmail.com;
ssumare @ chm.vnit.ac.in
Phone  0712-2801316


Recent Publications                     

Visible Light‐Driven Biginelli Reaction over Mesoporous g‐C3N4 Lewis‐Base Catalyst, V Devthade, G Kamble, SG Ghugal, KH Chikhalia, SS Umare, ChemistrySelect 3 (14), 4009-4014, 2018

Silver/Silver (II) oxide (Ag/AgO) loaded graphitic carbon nitride microspheres: An effective visible light active photocatalyst for degradation of acidic dyes and bacterial, Devthade Vidyasagar, Sachin G Ghugal, Aditi Kulkarni, Pragya Mishra, Ashok G Shende, Suresh S Umare, Rajamma Sasikala, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 221, 339-348, 2018

Microwave assisted in situ decoration of a gC 3 N 4 surface with CdCO 3 nanoparticles for visible light driven photocatalysis
D Vidyasagar, SG Ghugal, A Kulkarni, AG Shende, SS Umare, R Sasikala, New Journal of Chemistry 42 (8), 6322-6331, 2018

Photocatalytic properties of mesoporous alumina containing Ni doped CdS nanostructures, Sachin G Ghugal, Rakesh R Mahalik, Pranali S Charde, Suresh S Umare, Sanjay B Kokane, V Sudarsan, Rajamma Sasikala, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 242, 284-293, 2017

Ethylene glycol mediated synthesis of SnS quantum dots and their application towards degradation of eosin yellow and brilliant green dyes under solar irradiation,
AP Chowdhury, BH Shambharkar, SG Ghugal, SS Umare, AG Shende, RSC Advances 6 (110), 108290-108297, 2016

Mineralization of anionic dyes over visible light responsive Cd (x) Zn (y) S–Nb 2 O 5 heterostructured photocatalysts, SG Ghugal, SS Umare, R Sasikala, RSC Advances 6 (68), 64047-64055, 2016

Effects of NCO: OH ratio and HEMA on the physicochemical properties of photocurable poly (ester-urethane) methacrylates, GS Bhusari, SS Umare, AS Chandure, Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, 12 (3), 571-585, 2015

A stable, efficient and reusable CdS–SnO2 heterostructured photocatalyst for the mineralization of Acid Violet 7 dye, SG Ghugal, SS Umare, R Sasikala, Applied Catalysis A: Genera,l 496, 25-31, 2015

Photocatalytic mineralization of anionic dyes using bismuth doped CdS–Ta 2 O 5 composite, SG Ghugal, SS Umare, R Sasikala, RSC Advances 5 (78), 63393-63400, 2015

Mineralization of malachite green dye over visible light responsive bismuth doped TiO 2–ZrO 2 ferromagnetic nanocomposites, A Charanpahari, SG Ghugal, SS Umare, R Sasikala, New Journal of Chemistry 39 (5), 3629-3638, 2015


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