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S-S-UmareDr. Suresh S. UmareChemistry Dept
Head and Professor
Department of Chemistry
 Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology


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. A Stable, Efficient and Reusable CdS-SnO2
Heterostructured Photocatalyst for the Mineralization
of Acid Violet 7 dye Ghugal S.G., Umare S.S.,
and Sasikala R. Applied Catalysis A: General 496(2015)25-31.

. Mineralization of malachite green dye over visible light
responsive bismuth doped TiO2¬-ZrO2 ferromagnetic nanocomposites
Archana Charanpahari, Sachin G. Ghugal, Suresh S. Umare,&
Rajamma Sasikala New J. Chemistry 39(2015)3629-3638.
. Photocatalytic mineralization of anionic dyes using bismuth doped
CdS-Ta2O5 composite. Ghugal S.G., Umare S.S., and Sasikala R. RSC Advances:
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