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Dr. Atul V.  Wankhade

M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D. (CSIR-NET)

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry,

Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology,


Nanocatalysis Lab



  1.  Area of Specialisation: Organic Chemistry

Research Interest:

Ø  Nanomaterial synthesis.

Ø  Green Chemistry by Photocatalysis.

Ø  Nanocatalysis for organic transformation

Ø  Nanomaterial for Energy and Environment (Water Splitting).

Research Objective:

The objectives of the research work is to develop a novel nanomaterial and to scan them for UV/Visible light-responsive photocatalytic activity for the degradation of emerging organic pollutants using simulated wastewater containing both anionic and cationic organic dyes. To introduce an innovative and sustainable technology for wastewater treatment processes by employing  the efficiency of these nanomaterial as catalyst or photocatalyst. Development of heterogeneous catalyst for a wide range of  application like photocatalytic water splitting under UV/Visible irradiation, photo-activation by PS/PMS, Biomimicking, Organic transforamtaion, Antibacterial activity and Waste water treatment.

  1. Professional Details

 Teaching experience : Total  19 Years.

1. May 2009Present  | Assistant Professor | Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur, India

 2. June 2003- May 2009  |Assistant Professor |Shri Mathuradas Mohota College of Science, Nagpur


III.  Research papers published in International journals (38)







An insight into the thermodynamic investigation of important metabolite (KCl)-methyl nicotinate in aqueous solution at various temperatures

A Jain, UR Pratap, AV Wankhade, SP Zodape

Chemical Thermodynamics and Thermal Analysis 6, 100055




Synthesis of Ag2V4O11 nanoflakes mediated photoactivation of peroxymonosulfate ion for enhanced dye degradation and intrinsic bactericidal activity

RP Singh, PS Khagar, AK Mourya, SK Warkhade, SP Zodape, UR Pratap, …

Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 143, 106526




Antioxidant analysis of ultra-fast selectively recovered 4-hydroxy benzoic acid from fruits and vegetable peel waste using graphene oxide based molecularly imprinted composite

RS Das, A Kumar, AV Wankhade, SA Mandavgane

Food Chemistry 376, 131926




Experimental study of thermal characteristics of ZrO2/EG nanofluid for application of heat transfer

RM Barai, D Kumar, AV Wankhade, AR Sayed, AA Junankar

Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-9




ZrO2@ chitosan composite for simultaneous photodegradation of three emerging contaminants and antibacterial application

RS Das, A Kumar, AV Wankhade, DR Peshwe

Carbohydrate Polymers 278, 118940




Computationally designed ionic liquid based molecularly imprinted@ graphene oxide composite: Characterization and validation

RS Das, AV Wankhade, A Kumar

Journal of Molecular Liquids 341, 116925




Studies of solute–solvent interactions of imidazolium-based ionic liquid in water and aqueous l-alanine solution via volumetric and compressibility properties at T=(293.15–313 …

A Jain, VS Shende, DV Kawadkar, UR Pratap, AV Wankhade, SP Zodape

The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 162, 106561




Investigation of molecular interactions of a drug Isoprenaline Hydrochloride-L-alanine in water at different temperatures

VS Shende, UR Pratap, AV Wankhade, SP Zodape

Journal of Molecular Liquids 337, 116580




Self‐assembled CoSe2 Microspheres with Intrinsic Peroxidase Mimicking Activity for Efficient Degradation of Variety of Dyes

P Khagar, UR Pratap, SP Zodape, AV Wankhade

ChemistrySelect 6 (20), 5043-5051




CoSe2 nanoflakes: An artificial nanoenzyme with excellent peroxidase like activity

SK Warkhade, RP Singh, RS Das, GS Gaikwad, SP Zodape, UR Pratap, …

Inorganic Chemistry Communications 126, 108461




Investigation of the thermodynamic and compressibility properties of antihypertensive drug Hydralazine hydrochloride in aqueous and aqueous amino acids solutions at various …

VS Shende, UR Pratap, AV Wankhade, SP Zodape

Journal of Molecular Liquids 321, 114755




Graphitic carbon nitride@ silver zirconate nanocomposite (gC3N4@ Ag2ZrO3): A Type-II heterojunction for an effective visible light photocatalysis and bacterial photo-inactivation

RS Das, SK Warkhade, A Kumar, GS Gaikwad, AV Wankhade

Journal of Alloys and Compounds 846, 155770




Facile synthesis of benzazoles through biocatalytic cyclization and dehydrogenation employing catalase in water

P Shrivas, S Zodape, A Wankhade, U Pratap

Enzyme and Microbial Technology 138, 109562




Green synthesis of pyranopyrazoles via biocatalytic one-pot Knoevenagel condensation–Michael-type addition–heterocyclization cascade in non-aqueous media

P Shrivas, R Pandey, S Zodape, A Wankhade, U Pratap

Research on Chemical Intermediates 46 (5), 2805-2816




A facile microwave assisted fabrication of nano Ag2ZrO3: An efficient visible light harvesting photocatalyst

SK Warkhade, RS Das, GS Gaikwad, UR Pratap, SP Zodape, …

Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 38 (3), e13071




Graphene oxide-based zirconium oxide nanocomposite for enhanced visible light-driven photocatalytic activity

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Research on Chemical Intermediates 45 (4), 1689-1705




Rutile TiO2/CoSe nanocomposite: An efficient photocatalyst for photodegradation of model organic dyes under visible light irradiation

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Journal of Molecular Liquids 279, 434-443




Synthesis, characterization and optical property investigation of CdS nanoparticles

DB Bharti, AV Bharati, AV Wankhade

Luminescence 33 (8), 1445-1449




Microwave‐assisted optimized route for the synthesis of CoSe2 nanoflakes: an efficient material for adsorptive removal of Rhodamine B

SK Warkhade, SP Zodape, UR Pratap, AV Wankhade

Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology 93 (10), 2868-2877




Molecular interactions of Pyridinium DIL with D–glucose: Volumetric, acoustic and viscometric approach

DV Kawadkar, UR Pratap, AV Wankhade, SP Zodape

Journal of Molecular Liquids 257, 132-143




Nano‐nickel aluminates: A sustainable nanocatalyst for solvent‐free acetylation of alcohols phenols and amines

SK Warkhade, V Chaurasiya, M Rawat, GS Gaikwad, SP Zodape, …

ChemistrySelect 3 (9), 2515-2522




Investigation of Volumetric and Acoustic Properties of Procainamide Hydrochloride in Aqueous Binary and (Water+ Amino Acid) Ternary Mixtures at Different Temperatures

DM Bhattacharya, DV Kawadkar, CP Pandhurnekar, AV Wankhade, …

Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 62 (12), 4083-4092




Baker’s yeast catalyzed Henry reaction: Biocatalytic CC bond formation

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In-situ development of carbon nanotubes network and graphitic carbon by catalytic modification of phenolic resin binder in Al2O3–MgO–C refractories

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Influence of d-glucose on solvation behavior of Bis C3 (mim) Br2

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Low temperature synthesis of pure anatase carbon doped titanium dioxide: An efficient visible light active photocatalyst

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Conjugate addition of malononitrile on chalcone: Biocatalytic CC bond formation

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Volumetric and ultrasonic approach in the investigation of critical micellar phenomenon of amphiphilic drugs in aqueous solutions at different temperatures

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae Catalyzed Cyclocondensation Reaction: Synthesis of Pyrazoline

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Development of new, highly efficient and stable visible light active photocatalyst Ag2ZrO3 for methylene blue degradation

SR Thakare, GS Gaikwad, NT Khati, AV Wankhade

Catalysis Communications 62, 39-43




Synthesis and characterization cerium containing zirconium oxide (Ce0. 5Zr0. 502)


Int. Journal of researches in biosciences, agriculture and technology, 438-442




Synthesis and Characterization of Visible Light Active Cerium Zirconate

GS Gaikwad, SR Thakare, NT Khati, AV Wankhade

Journal of Scientific and Technical Research (Sharda University, Noida) 4 (2 …




Visible Light Induced Photoreductive Dehalogenation Using Carbon Doped ZnS Nanocrystallite


Chemical Science 3 (1), 332-340




Removal of organic pollutant from water by heterogenous photocatalysis: a review

V Wankhade Atul, GS Gaikwad, MG Dhonde, NT Khaty, SR Thakare

Res. J. Chem. Environ 17, 84-94




Synthesis of hierarchical anatase TiO 2 nanostructures with tunable morphology and enhanced photocatalytic activity

R Rahal, A Wankhade, D Cha, A Fihri, S Ould-Chikh, U Patil, …

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Green synthesis of selenium nanoparticles under ambient condition

AR Ingole, SR Thakare, NT Khati, AV Wankhade, DK Burghate

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Hydrochemical characteristics of ground water (well & tube well) in the slum area of Bhoogaon, Wardha district, Maharashtra.

GS Gaikwad, AV Wankhade, AV Maldhure

Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 2 (3), 499-503




Con-cos groups and molecular symmetryAS Muktibodh, SV Muktibodh, AV Wankhade

International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 43 (4), 563



IV.   Other prominent publications: Conferences

1. Characterisation and Visible Light Activity of Nitrogen-Doped TiO2 Synthesis using Titanium Trichloride as a Precursor. Atul V.Wankhade, Sanjay R.Thakare, M.G.Dhonde,  N.T.Khati International Conference on Chemistry for Mankind: Innovative Ideas in Life Sciences”, 9 to 10 Feb. 2011, Nagpur, India.


2.  ‘‘Synthesis Of Benzocrown ether derivatives of dithicarbanate & dithiazolidine for the extraction of univalent & bivalent metal cation” “National conference on Green Chemistry and its Perspective” organised by Department Of Chemistry, Sant Gadagebaba Amaravati University , Amaravati., India, dated 11th & 12th Feb., 2008.


3.   “Visible Light induced Photoreductive Dehalogenation Using Carbon doped ZnS Nanocrystallite”

 “National   conference on Advanced Materials & Technology” , at  Department of Chemistry, Shivaji Science College Nagpur, India,  dated 29th & 30 th December, 2009


4.   Synthesis And Characterization photocatalytic characterization of a new photocatalyst Ag2ZrO3. “National   conference on Advanced Materials & Technology” organised by  Department   of Chemistry, Shivaji Science College Nagpur, India, dated 29th & 30 th Dec., 2009.


5.  Devlopement of novelefficient photocatalyst Ag2ZrO3 active under visible light. “National   conference on Nano Materials & NanoTechnology, at  Department of Chemistry, V.N.I.T. Nagpur, dated 18th  to 20 th January, 2010.


6.  Photocatalytic properities of nano sized Silver Zirconate catalysts synthesized by Co-precipitation process.” “National   conference on Advanced Functional Materials, at Department of Chemistry, V.N.I.T. Nagpur, dated 21st to 23rd  January, 2013.


7.  G.S.Gaikwad, S.R.Thakare, N.T.Khati, A.V.Wankhade , Paper presented on“Synthesis and Characterization of Visible light active Cerium containing zirconium oxide (Ce0.5Zr0.5O2 )”  at “International conferences on Futuristic Material and Emerging trends in Forensic and Life science”  at RTM, Nagpur University,  Nagpur, Maharashtra – India on 5th , 6th and 7th  January, 2015.

8.  G.S.Gaikwad, S.R.Thakare, N.T.Khati, A.V.Wankhade , Paper presented on “Synthesis and characterization cerium containing zirconium oxide (Ce0.5Zr0.5O2) ”  at “National conferences on Nanoscience for sustainable development”  at Ambedkar college, Nagpur Maharashtra – India on 23rd February, 2015.

Book Chapter: 01

  1. Chapter 12: Sustainable Hybrid Nanomaterials for Environmental Remediation and Agricultural Advancement” “Biogenic Sustainable Nanotechnology: Trends, Progress, and Applications” Elsevier.  Prerna Khagar, Sangesh Zodape,  Umesh Pratap, Atul Maldhure, Gayatri Gaikwad, Atul Wankhade 2022 (Accepted Sept 2021)

V.  Ph.D students    :           


1. Dr. Swapnil K. Warkhade (Completed 2016-2019).


Currently working as Scientist, CSIR-Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research,

 Ranchi, Jharkhand.



2. Dr. Ranjita S. Das (Completed 2016-2019)                          



3. Ms. Prerna S. khagar

 (Ongoing 2017-ongoing) 

4. Mr. Rudra Pratap Singh 

(Ongoing 2019-ongoing) 

5. Mr. Adarsh Kumar Mourya 

 (Ongoing 2021-ongoing) 



VI.  MSc. Project students :

1. Arjun Jha (2012-2013)

2. Roshani Ingle (2013-2014)

  3.   Pradeep Kadu (2014-2015)

4. Yogita Khurana (2015-2016)

5. Vayu Chaurasiya (2015-2016)

  6.  Megha Rawat (2016-2017)

7.  Swagat Pantawane (2017-2018)

8.  Shekhva Pradeepbhai (2018-2019)

9.  Arjun Kumar Sah (2019-2020)

10.  Sumran Raikwar (2019-2020)

11.  Shweta Dhotrekar (2019-2020)


12. Vipul Singh (2020-2021)

13.  Yogesh Kulkarni (2020-2021)

14.  Shani Lal Maurya (2021-2022)

15.   Tarun Kumar (2022-Ongoing)

  1. 15.  Mrunal  (2022-Ongoing)


Sponsored Projects/ Research Grant:

  • DST funded project entitled “Development, prototyping and field demonstration of continuous Electrolytic Defluoridation Technology” project sanctioned under Jal Jeevan Mission, Project is in collaboration with NEERI, Nagpur. (Rs. 1.36 Cr.) Working as Co. PI

      Status: (Recommended in-principle for funding by the DST, funds awaited)

  • DAE-BRNS sanctioned Project entitlen “Tungsten and Indium Oxide Coated Dendritic Fibrous Nanosilica for Photocatalytic Water Splitting” (Rs. 34.83 Lakh), Working as PI. Status: Ongoing (2019-2022)

  • UGC sponsored minor research project entitled “Synthesis and Application of Benzocrown  ether derivatives of dithicarbamate & dithiazolidine for the  extraction of   univalent &bivalent metal cations’’ (0.6 Lakh), Worked as PI. Status: Completed (2006-2008)


Journal Publications: Total 38                Conference Proceedings: (17)

  • SCI/Scopus: 31                    International: 10 

  • Peer revived/UGC listed: 05            National: 7

  • Conference publication: 02

Book Chapter: (01)

  • Chapter 12: Sustainable Hybrid Nanomaterials for Environmental Remediation and Agricultural Advancement” in the book entitled Biogenic Sustainable Nanotechnology: Trends, Progress, and Applications” Elsevier.  Prerna Khagar, SangeshZodape,  Umesh Pratap, Atul Maldhure, Gayatri Gaikwad, Atul Wankhade 2022. (Accepted Sept 2021)

Reviewer:  Working as reviewer for reputed publication houses viz. Elsevier, Willey, Nature, IWA.

Courses Taught: 

UG courses:

  • Applied Chemistry  (CHL 101)

  • Chemistry Lab (CHP 101)

PG courses:

  • Stereochemistry and Organic reaction mechanism (CHL 522)

  • Organic Chemistry Lab (CHP 516)

  • Application of Spectroscopic techniques for structure determination (CHL 531)

  • Photochemistry and Pericyclic Reactions (CHL 545)

Institutional Responsibilities: (17)

  • Member, Committee for Science Exbition: Vigyan Sarvatra Pujyate (2022)

  • Incharge of lecture series organised under Vigyan Sarvatra Pujyate (2022)

  • Working as Member of  Committee for Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan. (2021)

  • Member, Committee for Dimond Jublee Celebration of VNIT, Nagpur. (2021)

  • Stock verification officer for Stock Verification of Mechinical Engg. Department. (2020)

  • Worked as Faculty Mentor under Student Faculty Mentorship Programme (2017-2020)

  • Guiding M.Sc. students for GATE and NET exam under TEQIP scheme. ( 2018-2019)

  • Member, Committee for Sitting Arrangements in Hall for 16th Convocation (Sept. 2018)

  • Member, M.Sc. admission-2017 from December 2016-October 2017

  • Member, Committee for Sitting Arrangements in Hall for 14th Convocation. (2016)

  • Member, Committee for Publicity/ Press and Photography for 13th Convocation. (2015)

  • Stock Verification officer for Stock Verification of Metallurgical Engg. Department. (2014)

  • Stock Verification officer for Stock Verification of Civil Engg. Department. (2013)

  • Member, Committee for Transportation and Security for 11th Convocation. (2013)

  • Deputed to NIT Uttrakhand for teaching Applied Chemistry course (2013)

  • Member, JRF interview and selection committee. (2013)

  • Stock verification officer for Stock Verification of Electrical Engg. Department. (2011)


Departmental Responsibilities: (9)

  • Member of DST-FIST 2016 Project Implementation group since June 2016

  • Departmental exam coordinator (UG) from July 2011-June 2016

  • Departmental coordinator for new academic block. from June 2017-June 2019

  • Working as Chemistry dept. store in-charge since Jan 2019

  • Framing of questions for the entrance exam of PG Course and Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry) from May 2017 and May 2018

  • Practical In charge B.Tech 1st year (CHP-101) from July 2011-June 2016

  • In charge, Testing of PAC samples from 2013 to 2016

  • Departmental In charge for web site updating and new software from July 2011-June 2012.

  • Departmental Library In charge from  July 2011-une 2012


International conference Organized:

  • Two Days DST/TIFR Sponsored International Conference on Energy and environmental Challenges (CE2C-2019)” on January 18th-19th, 2019. About 400+ participation and academic inputs by the National and International experts (from China, Germany and Spain) were the highlights.

STTP/ Workshop organized: (02)

  •  Five Days Self Sponsored Short Term Training Programme (STTP) on“Spectroscopic Techniques: Fundamentals to Application” (STFA-2016) during 5-9 December, 2016.


  •  Five Days Self Sponsored Workshop on "Spectral Data Analysis & Spectral Interpretation for Structure Elucidation-SDSISE-2017” During 21-25 November, 2017.


International Academic Expousre:

  • Worked as Research Associate at KAUST Catalysis Center, King Abdulla University of Science & Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia, under sponsored project by KAUST to work on “Development of Tatiana and Zinc oxide Nano catalyst”. (2012)


Social & Academic Outreach:

  • Working with Shri Krishana Gyan Prabhodan Charitable Trust, Kakda, Dist. Amravati, as Vice-President from 2015, the trust is dedicated for imparting primary education in human values and Socio-economic development in this part of rural vidarbha region.

  • Organizing quarterly cleanliness drive at Ridhipur, Dist. Amravati since 2015

  • Organizing Bal Sanskar shibir on every 2nd and 4th Sunday in our Ashram at  Kakda, Dist. Amravati from 2016-Present

  • Coordinated activity on “Role of Science in ANDHASHRADHA NIRMULAN-2018”at various Marathi medium schools in Amravati for students of 8th, 9th and 10th standard. Year 2018-2019

  • Conducting sessions for 8th to 10th std. students on “SAFE LABORATORY PRACTICES” at Sharda Vidyalaya and Junior college, Amravati throughout the academic session 2018-19 

  • Done the annual Academic Audit of Engineering Chemistry and Material Chemistry at GH Raisoni Academy of Engg. & Technology, Nagpur on 29 September 2016

  • Subject expert on BOS in: SB Jain Engg. College Nagpur, JD college of Engg., Nagpur and Tulsiram Gaikwad Patil Engg College, Nagpur from Year 2020-2021


Professional Membership:

  • Life member of Indian Chemical Society, Kolkata , India. (F/6829LM, 2007)

  • Life member of Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi, India. (LM -75265)

  • Life member of Chemical Research Society of Indian, Bangalore, India. (LM 1391)

  • Fellow Member of Research Journal of Chemistry and   Environment, Indore,       India. (FW/A/5059)

  • Life member of Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata, India. (L19306), 2012


  • Won Gold medal (Chess) in  All India Inter NIT Faculty & Staff Badminton, TT and Chess Tournament, held at NIT Goa from 07th to 09th Dec. 2018

  • Won Gold medal (Chess) in All India Inter NIT Faculty & Staff Badminton, TT and Chess Tournament, held at MNIT Jaipur from 18th to 20th Dec. 2019 

  • Won Bronze medal (Cricket Team) in All India Inter NIT Staff Cricket Tournament, held at VNIT Nagpur from 27th to 30th Dec. 2019